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Thursday, January 13, 2011

[trans] 110106 'Radio Star' Screenwriter's 'JYJ Insult' Controversy

The screenwriter of the MBC program 'Radio Star' has come under fire for accusations that she insulted JYJ.

These screenwriter recently tweeted on her personal Twitter account that, "Seriously, you guys need to crash and burn. Only then can this world go back to having a basis in promise and loyalty," and "Saying that you weren't treated humanely is just an excuse you make, you weren't treated humanely is because you guys aren't human. Don't act so pitiful. Sociopaths."

Following this, netizens claimed that, "As a screenwriter for an entertainment program, it was not right for her to talk the way she did about a still sensitive topic, as if she knew everything that went on between the members of TVXQ," and "Even though she is entitled to her opinion, she insulted JYJ with no shame in an online space, where so many people can see her words."

Netizens also added, "That writer has already irritated JYJ fans before by making derogatory tweets about JYJ such as 'I feel like I'm going to puke. I can't stand reading articles about you,' and 'Ah, I'm in despair. My loving parents are in the living room watching the drama (SungKyunKwan Scandal) I hate the most. They have no thought of changing the channel and I can't even express my fury to them.'"

When posts of complaints flooded into the viewers' thread of 'Radio Star', the screenwriter tweeted an apology on her personal Twitter account that said, "Sure~ I apologize. Though I know this is a public place, I didn't think that so many people would be reading my tweets. Fine, I'm a good-for-nothing. Those were good-for-nothing words written by a good-for-nothing person who has lived a good-for-nothing life, so be understanding and broad-minded." This screenwriter has now deactivated her Twitter account.

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