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Thursday, January 13, 2011

[trans] 110108 Producer Park Saeng Yee Throws Away Prejudices Because Of Kim Jaejoong & Junsu

"All this time I've had a critical attitude towards pop idol culture. 
In full honesty I look down on the Korean music industry that leans too heavily on idols, so I've never thought of writing songs for idols either.
This side of me met Jaejoong and Junsu last October autumn when I wrote the OST for SungKyunKwan Scandal. 
On the day that I worked with them on the recordings, it was the most impressionable day in the 10 years that I have produced so many varieties of music.
Were the stubborn prejudices that I had had for so long wrong?
Was I the ignorant person?
If you look from the results, the two gave their best performance and sentiments in the limited amount of time they were given.
They both have unique vocals, which allowed me to know about their individualistic characteristics.
These things form from hard work and experience.
For singers, it is the most incomprehensible and hardest to resolve - like fate.
After they finished recording, I exclaimed how such a deformed idol-based Korean music industry could create such perfect idols.
This is definitely not flattery or sweet-talk." 

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