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Thursday, January 13, 2011

[trans] 110109 JYJ twitter updates

Yoochun talks to the author of his recommended book while Jaejoong makes funny faces, as always
(Zo Sun Hi) @samsungin @6002theMicky Mr. Yoochun, it's Zo Sun Hi. Thank you for recommending the book that I wrote. A youth with such a pure soul! I'm a fan of yours.^^ Let's meet up some time! Come over to take pictures~! haha @samsungin #nanumbook (7:50pm KST, Jan 8th)
@zosun_hi I just saw your tweet... I should be the one who is thankful^^ For allowing me to really think about the things I have the ability to think about anytime I want to but usually don't^^ (5:41pm KST)
(Zo Sun Hi) 
Since it was published, I've never properly read Healing Photo before.. Thanks to you, Mr. Yoochun, I plan on looking back on what thoughts the past Zo Sun Hi had^@6002theMicky (5:51pm KST)
@zosun_hi ^^ Pain might not actually be pain... I read your book with such a thought in my head. Be careful not to catch a cold. I found that I like colds^^(6:08pm KST)
(T/N: I'm pretty sure he's saying that he catches colds regularly)
(Jae Eun) 
@6002theMicky I thought that the double meaning of the gift of parting itself was pain. Should I say that it's like when scars and healing coexist. (6:45pm KST)
@beyondmonica That's why I'm in the mountains right now^^ I can see the stars tonight... The air is fresh too! There are no TVs or computers here!^^(6:50pm KST)

(Jaejoong) ^^ (4:46am KST)

 ^_________________^ (4:48am KST)

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