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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

[pre-order] JaeJoong INTERMODULATION photobook

hello JJ oppa's lovers out there!!as we all know (i didnt put the pic from the photobook cos i dont dare to look at it cos it's too expensive.bcos b4 this,a girl offered me this photobook for RM380.so,i kinda jealous & dont wanna put photos from the photobook..appologies from me!) JJ released his photobook in Japan few weeks ago or maybe a month ago.the title of the photobook is INTERMODULATION.it comes with making DVD (where i got nosebleed non stop),postcards,eco bag n bromide poster.

yesterday,my supplier mailed me something that i never expected.that is,this PHOTOBOOK!!so,when i counted it,it's only cost bout RM280 to reach you.so,what u're waiting for?order it!!this is something that YOU MUST OWN!!(cos i wanna grab mine even i'll starve to death).i'll post the sneak peak of the photobook later~~

if u wish to order,please refer here:
content of photobook's box
how to pay and order(1st batch ended on JAN 9TH)

if the link couldn't open,u can PM me on my inbox

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