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Friday, January 21, 2011

[trans] 110114 Jaejoong’s Essay – “Cat”

Cats are animals that you can learn a lot from.

Sometimes, they're a little too lazy, and a little stupid looking, but when they start moving, they run around with abandon.

Either passion or laziness, there's no in-between! Cats look like they don't believe in compromise. 

Their characters are always so straightforward, and feel like they are the best in the world, and maybe it’s because of this, they express their love or hate clearly.

Actually, I really envy this kind of cats.
In relationships, I can't be this straightforward.
(I can't speak up and say) when I’m hurt, or when I'm misunderstood by people,
If I had a cat’s straightforward personality, at least I won’t leave bad feelings behind.

The cat doesn’t seem to like me
No matter how hard I try, as long as he doesn’t like it, he won’t even take a second look.
As a pet, I don’t know if he is the worst,
But his straightforward expression of feelings, how he doesn't get hurt, and how he loves, 
are things I really want to learn. 

Source: [BaiduTVXQ]
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