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Friday, January 21, 2011

(Ji Won Kim) Today, I worked with Junsu for the first time in a while~~ And he himself directed his own recording session... My heart felt warm seeing him more mature and proud than before http://yfrog.com/h2qnmaj (11:09pm KST)

(Ji Won Kim)
 There are so many people who are curious about that picture... We recorded two songs from Mozart that are going to be used for the bonus making film section of the Musical Concert DVD~^^* After consulting with Junsu on the two songs he really wanted to record, I was able to experience once more the amazing match made in heaven between Levay's music and Junsu. (12:03am KST)
(Kyong Seon Yi)
 @Sophykimm Even though it's only two songs, we'll be able to listen to the clean recorded version of Xiahzart's songs!! I'm glad ^_^ ..Around when will the DVD be released~? (12:30am KST)
(Ji Won Kim)
 @saylife We have been putting a lot of care into this DVD as it is our first, so this project has been going on for much longer than we expected~ It will need to be examined at Vienna first, but I believe it will be released around late-February^^ Please anticipate it (12:37am KST)

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