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Sunday, December 19, 2010

[trans] 101217 JYJ twitter updates

Jaejoong Gets Deep and Tells Fans to Dress Warm
(Jaejoong) There is something that can't seem to keep up with passion. The cold reality of life. Which is why hope becomes more earnest. But I am thankful to at least have that hope. Though the obstacle called time may wear me out, in the end, I will not lose my courage. It's cold again today, and I feel good. (11:21am KST)

 Everyone, be careful not to catch a cold and don't be sick~ Though the cold is a little selfish today, dress in warm clothes and be careful~^^ (11:26am KST)
Flowsik and Jae talk in some Weird Lingo that I decoded for your Benefit
(Flowsik) @mjjeje jj where are you (5:36pm KST)
@flowsik I'm in Gangwondo and I'm going to go eat now~ I'll see you when I get back up to Seoul SAY (6:35pm KST)
Jaejoong and Prain's CEO cook up a plan(Joon Yeong) @mjjeje Jaejoong, you must be really exhausted from yesterday. I was getting tired just from watching. Let's go out for a drink soon. (7:16pm KST)
@yeojy It was nothing, great job to you too. I'll make sure to drop by to have a glass of that alcohol you gave us yesterday^^ And a tofu-shake too^^ (9:01pm KST)
(Joon Yeong) @mjjeje Whenever you're having a hard time, call and come running. If we run out while we're drinking, we can always secretly open the bottle I gave to Yoochun (12:30am KST)
@yeojy I think that sounds like an excellent idea haha (12:40am KST)

Source: [Jaejoong+Other's Twitter]
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