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Sunday, December 19, 2010

[trans] 101216 Vietnamese Man : “In which way am I worse than Micky Yoochun?”

T/N:  Please be warned that this isn't really news, just something entertaining that we thought we would share - It was taken off a Vietnamese Radio Show – it’s written by an upset boyfriend so please understand!


Dear QnSs, does love equal to jealousy? When it comes to love, everyone feels jealous sometimes!

I love my girlfriend, so I am jealous, but I cannot do anything about it. Is there someone else like me too?

I am jealous because of her idol, and I am very angry. It looks like I’m being selfish, but I don’t like it when she talks about Micky Yoochun all the time. We’ve been dating for three years, but to her, our love is not comparable to her love for Yoochun. She’s liked Yoochun, a Korean singer, for 6 years now.

Is Micky Yoochun better than me? I am older than him, he is born in 1986, but looks 30! I don't dare to say this in front of her, but "Is Micky Yoochun that good looking? I am too! Is he that famous? I'm not bad as well." But she keeps missing out on dates with me because she is always busy with Micky Yoochun's fan club.

Her room is full of Yoochun’s posters, her computer desktop as well! Even her facebook’s display picture is Yoochun! I have never seen her use my picture before. 

I keep telling myself, “Don’t be bothered by him, he does not exist in her life, she likes him but she cannot do anything about it.” But I am still mad at her. Two weeks ago, we argued, and I insulted her idol in front of her. Until now, we have not made up. I finally know where Yoochun stands in her heart. 

I want to dedicate this song, written by Micky Yoochun, Tohoshinki’s “Kiss The Baby Sky” to her, and tell her that “I know I’m wrong, I offended your idol, I won’t do it again. So please don’t be mad at me, I believe that my love for you is a thousand times stronger than your love for Yoochun.” Thank you!

You can listen to the original radio show here  (Thanks to @lino_s2_dbsk^^)

Source: [BaiduTVXQ]
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