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Sunday, December 19, 2010

[trans] 101217 Inkigayo's Homepage Is Flooded With Complaints "Why Isn't JYJ Performing?"

"We request that JYJ appear on Inkigayo"

Netizens' voices calling for JYJ's appearance on TV are growing in number and strength.

The Viewers' Opinion thread and the Appearance Request thread on the SBS' Inkigayo homepage are filled with fans' posts asking for JYJ's appearance on the show. These requests first began in October when JYJ released their first album 'The Beginning' and have been appearing every week since then.

When it became known that JYJ, who have been unable to appear on TV due to their legal dispute with SM Entertainment, will appear as invitational guests at the KBS Drama Acting Awards on the 31st, 230 requests for JYJ's appearance on Inkigayo flooded in, in one day on December 13th. Netizens were spotted stating things such as, "If JYJ are going to appear on stage at the KBS Drama Acting Awards, then isn't it time for SBS to open their doors too?"

There are no apparent reasons that broadcasting companies can give to deny JYJ appearances on music programs. Netizens stated, "Their songs are good and their album sales are too, so I don't see why we can't see them or hear their voices on TV," and "I hope they are able to appear. As many viewers wish for their appearance, I hope you listen to the voices of your viewers."

Fans' complaints increased rapidly on the 15th when JYJ's song 'Ayyy Girl' suddenly disappeared from Inkigayo's 'Take 7' Nominees list.

JYJ fans seemed to be taken aback as they were unable to understand why JYJ were suddenly excluded from the Take 7 Nominees list. It is being speculated that this occurred due to the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry (KFPCAI)'s request in October to broadcasting companies, asking them to deny JYJ appearance on their shows. The KFPCAI stated that allowing JYJ to be active, even though they have not finished their legal dispute with SM Entertainment, would bring problems to the entertainment industry as it would disrupt order within the industry.

The voices requesting JYJ's appearance on music programs are continuing to rise, but Inkigayo's side is staying silent and adding to the frustration of the situation.

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