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Monday, November 29, 2010

[trans] 101129 JYJ twitter updates

Jaejoong has a cold and some interesting photos for us. Should I be scared? ;)
(Jaejoong) Did you all sleep well>^^ (10:00am KST)
(Jaejoong) I didn't realize till now because I was so nervous..But I woke up today..with a cold..ㅜㅠㅠ (10:01am KST)
(Jaejoong) I'm going to be uploading some interesting photos today, so anticipate what is to come^^haha (10:05am KST)

Compilation of Junsu's Tweets Today (With a couple of Jaejoong's)
(English Tweet/Junsu) Good morning~!!^^ (12:35pm KST)

(Junsu) I fell asleep completely exhausted yesterday..^^ But did you know that I fell asleep smiling thanks to you all?~ Above all things, your dance moves during the Be My Girl remix filled us with such joy..Thank you so much~ (12:40pm KST)

(Junsu) Sigh~ Those two days went speeding by^^;; (12:42pm KST)

 Jaejoong hyung was so moved yesterday.. The sight of Jaejoong hyung crying his eyes out like that.. I had never seen that before...haha;; Will Jaejoong hyung not like it if I say this..?? Anyway, seeing him cry like that made Yoochun and me cry with him..But they were tears of joy... And it was all thanks to you guys.^^ (12:46pm KST)
 @0101xiahtic When I think about yesterday, I feel so embarrassed.. I don't think I'll be able to look Junsu and Yoochun in the eye for the time being (2:53pm KST)

 Oh and you all heard Yoochun's rap part during Mission yesterday, right..? I mentioned it in a previous tweet.. but that's the rap making Yoochun did in a mere five minutes.. Clap clap clap. What a cool guy (12:55pm KST)

 @0101xiahtic Oppa, I like Fallen Leaves and Mission the mostㅠㅠㅠMissionㅠㅠㅠㅠFive minute rap makingㅠㅠYoochun-sama is a geniusㅠㅠㅠBut you're all geniuses and the bestㅠㅠ(1:01pm KST)
 @38chronicle Thanks~ (1:11pm KST)

 @0101xiahtic Junsu-sama, I was amazed by your talent once again. The song called Mission.. I really believe that you are a genius. You receive a Pass!! (1:06pm KST)
 @sr_alla Thank you~ I'll keep devoting myself further to music (1:14pm KST)

 The feast of the stars, shining bright and dreaming the same dream under the same sky. I load my body onto this festival for the song we will sing once more some day, and that day is sure to come.. When the flowers fall, we will start again.. Fallen Leaves isn't a song dedicated to a beloved woman (1:25am KST)

(Sung Pil) Guys^^~~~Great job.. Rest well, set aside any regrets for now..And focus on taking care of your health~~^^*JYJ is the best, best, best♥♥♥ http://twitpic.com/3b8iee (1:51pm KST)

(Junsu) @kangsungpil Hyung, thank you so much for coming^^ (2:12pm KST)
(Sung Pil) 
@0101xiahtic You were the best~~ Junsu^^* You guys were amazing as expected.. All I can say to you is that you are the best ^^* Now, take care of your health~~ Let's meet up this week ^^~ (2:15pm KST)
(John aka Egg) @mjjeje @6002theMicky @0101xiahtic Don't just stand there speaking Korean so well amongst yourselves, teach me~~!! I help you with your English~!!! (5:54pm KST)
 @elbowyeish Hyung, your Korean is so cute keke On the other hand, I think you're really good at English~!!^^ (7:02pm KST)
 @elbowyeish Hyung, I'm studying Korean too.. Korean spelling and word spacing is so hard.. (8:21pm KST)

Compilation of Jaejoong's Tweets Today
(Sung Pil) Jaejoong~~ Yesterday, you were..Yoochun and Junsu's reliable hyung.. The most reliable hyung~~ You communicated with your dongsaengs on stage.. and became one with your fans~~ I'm sure Junsu and Yoochun felt your heart's intentions and followed along!!! You were the best, dongsaeng^^* (3:41pm KST)
 @kangsungpil Thank you, hyung.. I cried so much at the after party yesterday that I honestly feel too embarrassed to call them..haha..;; Because I cried like such a little kid ha(8:23pm KST)

 Yesterday.. I started crying because something inside of my heart, that I had been locking away for the past year, just seemed to burst out with a "Bang", and I cried again when Yoochun came to comfort me,. And then I cried again when Junsu came to comfort me.. Then we all got together and said "I love you""We have to be eternal.." to each other, danced.. and cried..Thanks Junsu hyung and Yoochun hyung (8:28pm KST)

 Oh..There are a lot of people who are wondering what the meaning of "Nine" is.. It literally means "9".. (8:33pm KST)

 It's because it's been around 9 years from when we all first started living together, after Yoochun was the last to join, till now. (8:37pm KST)

 The reason why it took so long for me to write the lyrics for "nine" was because..I was wondering if it would be better to use poetic expressions.. or other ways of expression.. And because it was the first song we were to present to you at the concert, I wanted to express "Talking right in front of your eyes" so it turned out like this,, (8:51pm KST)

 "pierrot" was originally a R&B song with a piano instrumental.. But we were working hard to add another dance piece, so a new song was born with a completely different color.(8:59pm KST)

 And "My scenario" is a song created as a spin off of "pierrot". These two songs were originally one song~ (9:06pm KST)

 The title was "I Deal scenario" so we made it "I.D.S".. (9:12pm KST)

 Originally for Nine.. I wanted to arrange the song thinking of our "Beginning" so I used the basic chords that I learned when Yoochun first began teaching me how to play the piano, and I created the melody so that it would remind people of music from 10 years ago.. Yoochun didn't even know that and said "Hyung..It has kind of an old feeling to it?haha".. (Sorry Yoochun haha)(9:22pm KST)

(Jaejoong) The songs composed by the members this concert were all completely composed, arranged and had their lyrics written by the members. (9:27pm KST)

(Jaejoong) I'm finally revealing it http://yfrog.com/0i73028672j (9:34pm KST)

 JiJi and JjiJji are fighting http://yfrog.com/2898u0j (9:41pm KST)

 And we really enjoyed all the warm food our fans sent us during the days of the concert, thank you so much everyone. I was deeply moved by the bus which surprised me the first time I saw it ㅜ I was so thankful that I thought, "Am I worthy enough" to have fans make a bus like that for me ㅠ (9:48pm KST)

(Jaejoong) Hmph, I'm going to have a midnight snack haha See you later (9:52pm KST)

(Jaejoong) I'm going to go make the ramen that I received from some Japanese fans a couple of days ago! To all the Japanese fans who came to Korea (for us) despite the cold, thank you so much! (9:56pm KST)

You make me hungry D:
(Jaejoong) I made and ate some curry udon~ http://yfrog.com/3zfn70j (10:56pm KST)


Jaejoong's Secret Curry Udon Recipe
(Jaejoong) First, you cook the udon noodles, then you add the curry and a small amount of water, then you slice your beef into small pieces and drop them in and you're done! (11:00pm KST)

Jaejoong's Feet, Hrm
(Jaejoong) I apologize (for posting a picture like this) at night..^^ http://yfrog.com/0jsk1nsj(12:07am KST)


(Jaejoong) Yes, I posted it just so I could brag about how pretty my feet are..If I actually said that I'd be too embarrassed to come back on Twitter hahahahaha Good night for now, I'm going to go exercise ^^ (12:12am KST)

Shane is back! (YUS)
(Shane) @mjjeje Have you been well? You're truly a monster of Twitter! HAHA Me too. You have to write back in English! #twitteraddict (2:54am KST)
 @shaneyoon I'm going to bed now ha^^ What time is it in America right now? Anyway, I want to see you soon~ (3:05am KST)
Jaejoong heads off to bed
(Jaejoong) Good night everyone^^ (3:05am KST)

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