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Friday, November 12, 2010

[trans] 101111 JYJ twitter updates

Nagging from fans to go to sleep draws Jaejoong's attention
(Jaejoong) Hey, just because you're girls.. you tell me off.. But.. Can't I go to bed after just one more hour? (4.25pm KST) (T/N: I'm presuming that he's referring to his fans telling him to go to bed^^)

We've got some Sung Pil-JYJ interaction going on
(Sung Pil) Yoochun~~Junsu~Jaejoong~~ Are you all well and healthy?? The results you have now..that you worked so hard to accomplish. Is giving joy to other people^^* You really are happy dongsaengs~~ Go..Hwaiting^^! (7:36pm KST)
@kangsungpil Are you well?? I'm battling a cold even in New York ㅠㅠAigoo, hyung, be careful not to catch a cold. I miss you!!! (3:26am KST)

Jaejoong can't seem to sleep, someone bonk him over the head to put him to sleep
(Jaejoong) Hello^^ (1:04am KST)
 The jet-lag is dragging so much that I feel so happy about it^^ (1:10am KST)
Everyone, go to sleep, you must be tired !^^ (1:41am KST)
(English Tweet/Jaejoong)
 There are so many fans outside the hotel .. Be careful to avoid injury! (4:25am KST)

credit to: tohosomnia.net
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