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Friday, November 12, 2010

[news+info] Big Bang to replace JYJ in Avex?

An interesting rumor was recently brought up by Japanese website Cyzowoman concerning Korean groups JYJ and BIGBANG, the website cites their source as fashion magazine Edge Style.
The rumors are based off of several musical insiders from various record labels in Japan. JYJ worked on a global album [The Beginning] with many famous producers in America and that if possible, JYJ is planning to hold a live concert in Japan before the end of the year. One of the musical insiders stated,“JYJ is planning to come to Japan in November to hold a secret live meeting to thank their fans in Japan. However, because of their many issues with their management team they currently can’t rent a space to hold a concert and nothing is confirmed at the moment.”
The musical insiders also stated that there’s an uneasy feeling threatening the existence of JYJ and that includes fellow Korean group BIGBANG. There’s many rumors that BIGBANG will leave Universal Music Japan to join up with AVEX and replace JYJ. If JYJ doesn’t return to the Japanese market soon, BIGBANG would essentially take over their popularity and JYJ will lose their place in Japan.
BIGBANG’s fellow YG Entertainment group 2NE1 recently signed with AVEX’s sub label Rhythm Zone, so despite being a rumor there may be some merit to this.
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*hufff..is it easy for people to change their heart..even big bang got many fans,i bet cassie will nvr move even an inch..what the f**k*

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