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Monday, October 25, 2010

101025 JYJ, The Capture of Immigration Scene for HongKong Showcase ‘A Crowd of Thousand Fans’

Capturing the image of group JYJ arrival at the airport to hold their Hong Kong showcase.

After attending ’2010 East Asia Feiyang Concert’ at Hongkou Soccer Field Stadium in Shanghai China on last 23rd, JYJ went moving for a flight to Hongkong on the 24th to prepare for a showcase in the evening held at Hongkong International Trade & Exhibition Centre.

Thousands fans were already waiting at the airport for their arrival. As soon as JYJ arrived, they cheered and greeted the members. More than 20 guards were spotted at the scene to maintain security, but fans at the airport who were too excited to see JYJ began to cause trouble.

Beforehand, JYJ members were planned to provide photo session with local reporters, yet due to the over-excited fans, they had to go to the airport’s restricted area instead. After some hours went by, JYJ came out again to stand in front of the fans, but the situation became even more confusing. Some fans pushed the members and dropped cellphones, shoes were falling off, such scenes led to a dangerous situation.

Especially Micky Yoochun who got pushed by fans that made him bending on his knee(cian si cute micky), however fortunately the guards quickly lifted him up therefore he could escape from the scene without any injuries.

Barely having a rest at the hotel after escaping from the airport, JYJ successfully folded up the showcase. JYJ gave their impression at the showcase venue, “We’re excited to see Hongkong fans after a long time. We hope to be able to meet you often from now,”

credit: tvdaily
trans: sharingyoochun.net
shared by: DBSKnights

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