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Sunday, February 20, 2011

[TRANS] T-Ara In Tears After Kim Junsu-Lee Haeri's 'Tears Of Heaven'

All the members of T-ara were in tears after being greatly moved by the musical 'Tears of Heaven'.

T-ara watched the February 13th 3pm show of 'Tears of Heaven' to support Lee Haeri, who is making her musical debut through the production.

T-ara, who also watched the show the day before, visited the dressing rooms of Kim Junsu, Lee Haeri and Brad Little after the show to share with the actors their thoughts on the show. The members said to Lee Haeri, "You shone brighter and looked more beautiful than you've ever looked before," "Everyone, including Kim Junsu and Brad Little, was so cool. The stage was great and the production was so moving. All of us were in tears by the end of it."

They said to Brad Little, "We've been your fan since 'The Phantom of the Opera'," and "Your charisma and talent has made all of us your fan." Amongst them, Hyomin revealed that, "This is already my third time watching 'Tears of Heaven'. This is the first time I've ever watched one show so many times, and the more I watch it, the more I fall for it."

The tears of T-ara are becoming a hot topic following Hwang Jung Min's tears.


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