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Sunday, February 20, 2011

[trans] 110217 "Folding Chairs For 130,000 Won Tickets?"...'Tears Of Heaven' Seats Criticized

The musical 'Tears of Heaven', which has become a hot topic because of Kim Junsu's participation, is receiving criticism from Kim Junsu's fans for setting up the OP section with folding chairs regardless of the high price of the tickets.

The musical, which is currently showing at the National Theater, has been garnering attention even before it began showing for the cast and crew involved, including Frank Wildhorn, Kim Junsu and Brad Little.

The show was expected to have explosive ticket sales due to the participation of Kim Junsu, and this proved true when all the shows Kim Junsu is set to star in were sold out in minutes.

But fans, who had focused on nothing but Kim Junsu's appearance at the beginning, are starting to raise their voices against Seol Company's seating arrangements as they said, "We buy and buy because Junsu's appearing in the show, and Seol Company's been blinded by the business we bring."

The problem they brought up was the OP section which is located right in front of the VIP section. These seats are situated at the front of the theater and are used only when there is no orchestra or when the theater is small.

Kim Junsu's fans have pointed out that Seol Company is charging the same price for all seats on the first level, but are being unjust when it comes to seating arrangements. On fan said, "OP seats should cost less than VIP seats or at least a certain distance away, but how can they put a couple of folding chairs in a section and call it the OP section?" and "The VIP section doesn't feel like the VIP section and neither does the OP section. How does it make sense that the back row of the first floor costs as much as the first row. 130,000 Won folding chairs? Really?" Another fan said, "I thought they already had OP section chairs like the Sejong Arts Center but all they did was put folding chairs in front of the VIP section. Because they made seats that didn't exist before, I couldn't see anything from the waist down of the actors."

Most of the time, the OP section costs as much as the R section or less because it is close to the stage, but its proximity makes it hard to see the stage. But 'Tears of Heaven' charged the same price of 130,000 Won as it charged for the VIP section, and as the company created seats with folding chairs, the new seats are affecting both those in the OP section and those sitting in the first few rows of the VIP section. Also, as the first three rows of the VIP section are on the same level, people who pay for the expensive tickets end up watching the show in severe discomfort.

A representative of the production company stated, "We worry that people say think that by charging 130,000 Won for all the seats on the first floor and by not differentiating between the VIP and OP sections, we may look like we're extorting fans through star marketing but that is not the case at all." 

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