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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

[trans] 101215 “Tears of Heaven” - Junsu’s Performance Contract Revealed

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The contract in which shows that JYJ member Junsu’s musical performance earnings (8 million won = about 580,000 yen) will be fully invested into the musical has been revealed to the public.

The creative musical “Tears of Heaven” production team said, in relation to Junsu’s performance earnings, claims that a portion of the tens of millions of won was shared created some controversy, so the performance contract has been released to the public. 

The contract stated that Junsu was to gain a high appearance fee for this musical, amounting to 8 million won per performance, doing from 10 to 20 shows. 

The production company explained, “For Junsu, he felt that to work with international musical masters, and the best staff were an honor, and invested his performance earnings in the musical”

Via Junsu’s management company, “Numerous Korean films and music have entered the international market, but such cases for creative musicals are few. The monumental creative musical “Tears of Heaven” looks like a splendid piece of work, and he feels that it will be good enough to succeed in the international market, and therefore became one of the investors,” showing a positive side.

Source: [Chosun Online] 
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