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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

[info] KBS Drama Awards Special Event - Win Signed SKKS Prizes!


2010 KBS Drama Awards will be held at 9:50pm(UTC+9, Seoul) on Friday, December 31, 2010 to honor this year's great dramas and people behind this excellence. 
Meet your favorite actors/actresses in KBS’s year-end drama awards~!
This glamorous ceremony will provide you a chance to reunite with your favorite drama characters that made you laugh and cry throughout the year. 
On this night, nominees and guests will gather to acclaim the outstanding works and to share the behind the scene stories.
2010 KBS Drama Awards will be broadcasted live across 58 countries with English subtitle!
Global KBS Drama lovers!! Tune in and learn who and which drama will win the highest honor in 2010 KBS Drama Awards.

A Great Opportunity to Get More Involved in KBS!!!

Your support has helped us have a great year thus far! 
KBS has planned for some great events to thank you all for your interest in this year's KBS Dramas!!
Check below for more details on events!

NEVER, EVER miss this grand opportunity!!!

EVENT 1 - Video Clip

Send a “shout out” to your favorite KBS Dramas and/or stars through videos. Its length should be 1~ 3 minutes. Since winners’ footages will be edited into the video mash-up and broadcasted, the quality of the video/audio has to be decent (try to record it in a bright place)

1) Record your own video clip including brief self-introduction and your message to the nominees of KBS Drama Awards~! Be creative and witty and please state your name and home country clearly!!
Example>> - Act out your favorite KBS drama scene
- Cheering messages to the drama crew and/or the celebrities
2) Upload your video on a video-sharing website (eg> YouTube)
3) Email us the weblink at cater2u@kbs.co.kr

EVENT 2 - Twitter & Facebook Message

“KBS Drama is (     )!” - Finish the sentence by filling in the bracket~! 
[Drama Awards] KBS Drama is (My Memory book)! – Because My 2010 was always with KBS Dramas. (Michelle /Canada)

Send us your thoughts through KBS World Twitter & Facebook.

KBS World Twitter : http://twitter.com/kbsworldtv
KBS World facebook : http://www.facebook.com/kbsworld

VOTE - Select Your Favorite Actor/Actress/Drama Of The Year 2010~!

Click the link to participate in voting~! 

PRIZE - Drama Scripts, OSTs, Posters

● KBS Drama Scripts
“Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, “Bread, Love and Dreams”, “The Slave Hunters” 

● KBS Drama OSTs
Scandal The Slave
Hunters Cinderella’s

● KBS Drama Posters
The entire prizes will be autographed either by the casts or the main producer.

Event Closing Date

● 2010 Dec 20, Monday (24:00, UTC+9)

Thank you purpl3may, for the heads up!
credit: DBSKnights
shared by: The Beginner

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