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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

[trans] 101213 [Tears Of Heaven] Junsu's Appearance Has Running Guarantee

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JYJ member, Junsu (real name Kim・Junsu), has been casted for the large-scale musical [Tears of Heaven], which costs more than 10 billion won to produce. During the press conference for [Tears of Heaven] held in Imperial Palace Hotel on the afternoon of the 13th, it was found that Junsu's contract for his stage appearance has a running guarantee. This was said by Seol Do Yoon, the producer of this musical, on the 13th.

On why they are using Junsu for the role, Mr Seol said, "Through the musical 'Mozart!', I think he has proven himself as a musical actor. He also proved himself to be a power in the entertainment industry. He was casted after unanimous agreement from the director and the entire production staff."

[Tears of Heaven] is set to take the stage at the National Theatre from 1 February, for a period of one month. 

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