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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

[info] 121214 Junsu's "Tears Of Heaven" - Ticket Sales & Performance Details

First sale of ticket
Date: 2010.12.16 (Thursday)
Time: 10AM (KST)

Performance period: 1 February - 19 March
Performance time(s): 
  • Tuesday-Fridays: 8AM
  • Wednesday/Saturday: 3PM and 8PM
  • Sunday: 2PM and 7PM
  • *2,4,5 February (Lunar New Year): 2PM and 7PM, two performances
  • *3 February: 7PM, one performance
  • *6 February: 3PM, one performance

Ticket price (KRW):
  • 1Floor: 130,000
  • 2Floor: 80,000
  • 3Floor: 30,000

The first round of ticket purchase is for performances that will be held from 1 (Tues) - 13 (Sun) February 2011. 
Promo: 8% discount for tickets for Wednesday, 3PM.

Unveiling a piece of work that will get people talking in 2011. 
A great piece of work that will move the world.
Please anticipate it.

A great love that surpasses fate.
<<Tears of Heaven>> the musical.

Source: [BaiduTVXQ]
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