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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

[vid] 101116 JYJ Interview – Chaodoo Woody

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(waiting for someone to upload it on youtube ^^) 

This is the continuation of interview with JYJ. You all know JYJ have visited Thailand so many times. JYJ fans, would you like to know what the trio like to do when they visit Thailand? Shall we start with 5 questions?
Woody: What kind of activities do you usually do when you visit Thailand?
JJ: Massage
YC: We normally go to the massage place that we often go, not the one in the hotel.
Woody: The massagers don’t scream at you when they see you?
JS+JJ : Nah like that
JJ : But they probably pay more attention in giving us massage more than usual or adding us extra hour.
Woody: What would you like to bring back from Thailand?Yoochun?
YC: My mom really loves playing golf. She has visited Thailand for playing golf so many times.I’d like to bring the golf court back to her
JJ: There’s nothing I’d like to bring back but there’s one thing I’ve never had…that thing is “to ride an elephant” it’s been 6 years now and I still don’t have a chance to do that.I hope I have that chance one day
Woody: My body is like an elephant, mind riding me?
JS *looks shocked*
JJ: Okay *acting as if he’s gonna ride Woody*
Woody: Are you guys excited to go to NY?
JS: We’ve been to USA many times actually, LA, San Francisco or other cities but we’ve never got a chance to to NY so we feel excite for this trip

The exclusive with JYJ has finished. We hope this could help JYJ from missing them or you guys would probably miss them more? We have to except that JYJ are very very sweet. There’s no doubt why they were recorded in guinness book  as “the artists who have the world most fanclubs” and “artists who were taken pic the most”too. This is the best of JYJ comeback
trans by: sharingyoochun.net
shared by: atenjaejoong

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