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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

[fanaccount] 101114 Stalking JYJ in Vegas

Earlier today before heading to the showcase at Planet Hollywood, I logged online and saw the tweets from Junsu and Jaejoong. Junsu posted a pic of “Las Vegas” from his hotel window; being a Vegas native, I immediately knew which area they are staying at! Then Jaejoong accidentally post the “elephant” pic on the hotel paper that has the address on it. I copied down the info then made my way to the showcase.
The showcase rocked, obviously, if not, a little bit too short to fulfill the fangirls’ need. So after me and my friend went to grab something to eat we decided to just go to the address. We went to the casino/hotel around 12am and we were gonna go straight to the hotel to stalk them but then we remember them mentioning during the showcase that they went clubbing the night before so my friend said that maybe we should go into the casino and peek around the club. We went in the casino, walked around for a while and even peeked T the club area but couldn’t find them. I thought all hope was lost when we passed by the table games (ie blackjacks) when my friend said, “oh there’s couple of koreans standing there” I looked back, did a double take and stopped. I pulled my friend back and said “Oh my God! I think that’s Junsu!!!” when I saw the back of a red haired (hottie) guy.
So we traced ours steps back and try to get a better look at him to see if he was indeed Junsu. Guess what? He was!!! He was standing by the table game area with couple of guys (staff, probably) and couple of heavily made-up fangirls (or staff).
We were shocked so we zoomed away and just stared at him from about 5 feet away. Then four very kind ahjuumas went up to him with photobooks and asked for his autograph. Feeling a but ourselves, we approached him, right behind the ahjuumas. Junsu saw us there and looked up while his doing his little autograph…then he smiled! Let me telll you, Junsu has he cutest smile ever. I thought it was just a TV thing but his smile in real life, melts the hearts of fangirls…
So there I was melting under Junsu’s smile when I heard something going on on my left side and there stood Jaejoong!!! My friend said he was doing some sexy gangster dancing when he showed up but I only saw him do the last bit of his gangsta dancing ‘cuz I was busy melting under Junsu’s smile.
Anyway, Jaejoong was dancing around and being really excited (for the club?). I so wanted to take a picture of them right here when they are just a feet away from me but since they saw me, I thought it would be rude to just start chopping pix of them. Anyway, after Junsu finished signing the ahjuumas book we asked one of the staff guys that’s right next to Junsu if we can take a pic with him and he was like “No.” Bummer. So since Jaejoong arrived, they made their way out the door to the limos. We quietly followed them out. I finally got my camcorder out so I recorded a video of them waiting by the limo. We watched them for a while and eventually they left.
Later we asked the ahjuumas where Yoochun was and they said he got into the limo before JaeSu. Then we made our way back into the casino and by the double doors I saw Arden Cho, who was one of the MCs for the showcase. I somehow got my voice back and complimented on her video with nigahiga (YouTube). Then I asked if I can take a pic with her and she was very nice and took one with me. Then I asked her when they will be heading to LA and she said in the morning (Nov 15). I thanked her and left.
So yep, best experience ever! I couldn’t believe our luck! We actually went and successfully bumped onto them. Wow.
By the way, JaeSu both looks very handsome and tall in person. Jaejoong seems like a really hyper and fun person in real life, just like how he has been showing us all these year. All the cool personality we seen on TV weren’t fabricated. Remember. always keep the faith!
credit to: sharingyoochun.net shared by: atenjaejoong

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