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Saturday, November 27, 2010

[trans] 101127 JYJ twitter updates

[TRANS // JaeJoong 's Twitter] 

Because of the sudden hailstorm, the roof had fallen in and there were a lot of changes to the staging and the laser show and also, the inability of the usage of the extended stage, we're sorry for that.. Sorry that because of the long rehearsal, there was a partial delay and imperfection.. We're grateful that everyone enjoyed it although it was so cold.. A better performance tomorrow..
-- 갑작스런 우박떄문에 천장이 무너지고 많은스테이징의 변화가생기고 레이져 쇼와 앞보조무대를 사용못한것, 너무 미안하고..그래서 길어진 리허설떄문에 부분적 차질과 공연딜레이 너무 미안해요,,추운데도 다들너무 즐겁게 웃어줘서 고마워요..내일은 더좋은공연을..

We were very excited until yesterday.. As the show that hasn't been shown to anybody disappeared.. From the moment we went to the venue in the morning.. There was a sudden burst of tears. The thing that upset JunSu the most was... It felt that we were lying to the fans, from the moment the roof disappeared because of the hailstorm... The feeling was really unbearable... 
-- 공연전날까지 굉장히 들떠있었고,,아무도 보여주지못한 쇼들이 천제지변으로 사라지면서..아침공연장에들어서는 순간..눈물이 울컥했습니다.준수가 가장속상해한것은 자연재해건 뭐건간에 천장이사라지는순간부터 팬들에게 거짓말을한기분같아서 정말 기분이 않좋다라고..

But then because we need to put on a good performance, there was a rush to change all the settings for the staging... There will also be no roof tomorrow but we'll put on a better performance tomorrow than today. Fighting!
-- 그래도 좋은공연을 해야하니..급하게 많은 큐시트상의 스테이징을 변경했어요..내일도 천장은 없겠지만..오늘보다 더나아진 공연보여들릴게요. 화이팅.!

Although there's a word called "trying the best" other than "the best".. The feeling of wanting to put on the best performance on the best stage.. Because of that, we can only feel sorry and grateful to the fans who came today. I'll go to sleep today with this type of feeling. For those who will be coming tomorrow, it's going to be really cold, please dress warmly. From the start of "Be My Girl", please all stand up.^^
-- 최고보단 최선이란 말도있지만.최고의무대에서 최선을다하고싶어했던마음.. 그러기에 오늘 공연은 와주신 여러분들에게 미안하고 고마운마음뿐.오늘은 이마음으로 잠들게요,,내일공연 오시는분들..정말 추우니까 옷따뜻하게입어요.be my girl때부턴 일어서세요^^

Because tomorrow will come.. Good night.
-- 明日は来るから。。おやすみ。

(Translations: InHye87 @ OneTVXQ.com)

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