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Saturday, November 20, 2010

[news] 101120 JYJ trio are guardians of …?

On November 20th, a friend of JYJ’s uploaded cute photos of Micky Yoochun, Hero Jaejoong, andXiah Junsu posing with a very special prop: an egg.
In the photos, you can see Micky Yoochun smiling while holding the egg up to his face, and Xiah Junsu posing furtively with the egg whilst bundled up under his blanket. Jaejoong, on the other hand, had the egg perched on his shoulder, and looked almost like he wasn’t aware of it.
Xiah Junsu even tweeted, “Oh my egg~!! hahaha.”
Doesn’t it seem like they’re the egg’s triple guardians?
 "have a Micky Christmas EGGrebody!!!!!!!!!kakakakakaka"
"oh my EGG!!now THIS almost made me hatch!!!!!^^"
"Mr. Egg man has got Jaejoong's back!!! Yo yo yo!!!"
Source: Sports Chosun
Photos: JYJ’s friend (John)’s Twitter
Shared by: atenjaejoong

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