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Saturday, November 20, 2010

[news] 101120 JYJ Debuts In America At The Hammerstein Ballroom In NYC! (MTV K)

And oh, what a debut it was.
JYJ packed Hammerstein Ballroom to it’s limit and had to turn away thousands of crying fans during their first showcase tour in America. Complete with detailed stage effects and fierce choreography, JYJ put on one of their most memorable shows in NYC!

MTV K took you behind the scenes into JYJ’s dressing room and sound check before their concert. Right afterward, we ran out to catch all of the action during the hour-long show!

Yoochun’s gyrating dance with not just one but two of his back-up dancers had the hall screaming! (in fury or happiness, nobody knows…)
Incorporating two slower songs, “Be My Girl,” and “Found You” into the other-wise dance and beat-heavy set list, gave their show perfect balance.

Set List:
“Be The One”
“Be My Girl”
“Found You”
“Ayyy Girl”
“Empty Remix”

During the MC portion, one of the MCs asked about Yoochun’s tattoo and he was coerced into revealing it. Sadly, all we could catch was a sliver of skin but his expression speaks volumes.
All throughout the set, their love for what they do showed through and even Yoochun, who was sick, did his hip thrusts properly. (Junsu’s hip thrusts are something to be feared when you’re right in front of him. He’s truly the one in charge of charisma in JYJ.)
Even when faced with difficult circumstances, JYJ remained true professionals. The trio finished their first showcase in America by giving all of their fans a night to remember!

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