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Thursday, October 28, 2010

101028 A High Praise for Jo Seung Woo.. ‘Evaluation Reserved’ for Xiah Junsu, Why?

Representative from musical company which produces musical ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ and ‘Mozart’, Sin Chun Su gave different evaluation about Jo Seung Woo and Xiah Junsu that drew a lot of attention.
Representative Sin said, “Jo Seung Woo has guaranteed the hall to worth 18 million won is true, but this is not the best achievement ever. Before Jo Seung Woo’s return, Xiah Junsu had gathered 30 million won for his stage.”
“Xiah Junsu’s ticket power was amazing. He’s able to filled up all 3 floors of Sejong Cultural Center. Now it seems the actor with amazing ticket power is not only Jo Seung Woo, there is Xiah Junsu as well. Those two have numerous Japanese fans too,” as representative Sin continued.
However, in regard to performance, there are two different assessments for these two actors. “Jo Seung Woo has played the musical ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ for 4 times already (2004, 2005, 2007, 2010), he’s also been away for a while (for military) thus the value of his coming performance seems to be higher.” he praised. “While for Xiah Junsu, I’ll save my evaluation on him for now.”
Sin Chun Su added, “Frankly, ones who came to Jo Seung Woo’s musical are pure musical audiences, while audiences in Xiah Junsu’s stage were mostly his fans.”
Meanwhile Jo Seung Woo is expected to perform in musical ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ on November 28th at Charlotte Theatre in Seoul.

credit: daum      
trans: sharingyoochun.net

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