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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

[trans] 101203 'TVXQ Trio' JYJ's TV Appearance Falls Through.. Why?

It has been found that TVXQ's Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu (JYJ) attempted to appear on TV but it fell through in the end.

According to a representative in the Kpop industry, JYJ were nominated to perform a celebratory number at 'The 31st Blue Dragon Film Awards' that was aired on November 26th on KBS 2TV. For this, their KBS Kpop review was quickly done a week before the awards ceremony.

Usually, the review is done even before the album is released, but for JYJ, their review was done one month after their 'The Beginning' album was released in October. It has been confirmed that a total of seven songs, including JYJ's title song 'Empty', were deemed suitable for airingaccording to the results published on November 24th after the KBS Kpop review.

However, JYJ's appearance fell through. This seems to be because of JYJ's legal dispute with SM Entertainment. Furthermore, an extreme amount of pressure would have been placed on KBS if they had allowed JYJ to perform as pop culture-related associations are siding against JYJ, such as the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry that sent out an official document to broadcasting and cable companies, as well as music distribution companies, demanding that JYJ's activities be restricted.

However, the 'Blue Dragon Film Awards' was not the only event where this happened. Even though it is now almost two months since JYJ's album release, we still cannot hear their music on TV or the radio. This has occurred though there have been many netizens asking radio stations to turn JYJ's music on as they have yet to hear these songs anywhere though the album has been released.

One Kpop representative stated, "If JYJ does not solve their dispute with SM, they will be faced with many more obstacles in the future if they wish to continue to sing," and "There are many producers who have raised their voices stating that regulations on activities must become more strict so that something like this does not happen again."

JYJ filed an exclusive contract suspension injunction against SM last July. They began their activities by releasing their first album under the name JYJ and holding showcases, but they have not been able to stand on a TV show's stage in Korea yet.

Source: [edaily SPN+DNBN]
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