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Friday, December 3, 2010

[photo] pic of me n JYJ fans in KL showcase

so excited when i got the pic from the organiser.only GOD knows how i'm sick of waiting the photo~~hihi..FINALLY!!!

that day is the 1st time in my life watching JYJ with my own eyes~~gahhh!!really cant describe it.they look so gorgeous,very handsome..i think they r not humans.haha..i'm the 2nd person to walk into the photo session for that group.so,i got my own time with JUNSU OPPA!!haha.i waved to them and say "HI"..then junsu waved back at me n say "HI" to me.wahhh!!!Jae oppa just stand on that stage with his arms crossed at his back n yoochun..smile like there's no tomorrow~~hihi..at 1st,i thought the organiser just put 3 mannequins on that stage,cos JYJ oppadeul look very...arghh..cant deescribe it with words.haha..btw,that's me in the heartshape~~haha

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