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Saturday, February 19, 2011

[trans] 110203 Sneak Preview Of MUCHA 'Tears Of Heaven - Joon Limited Series' Merchandise

As the lead role in the musical 'Tears of Heaven', JYJ member Kim Junsu caused the tickets in the first round to be completely sold out in 3 minutes, showing his immense ticket power. 

In addition, MUCHA has created a line of merchandise for fans of 'Tears of Heaven', attracting their attention with the launch of the 'Joon Series'.

In this initial preview of the 'Joon Series', the merchandise includes a shoulder bag, handbags, compact mirrors, necklaces, bracelets, as well as keychains. What's particularly special about this line's necklace is that the main theme and inspiration came from the main character's name and it's combination with the bugle. 
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