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Saturday, February 19, 2011

[trans] 110127 Kim Junsu's Limited Edition MUCHA Jewelry

The musical 'Tears of Heaven' has been gaining attention with the participation of JYJ member Kim Junsu and his collaboration with MUCHA for a limited edition jewelry collection.

Based on the transcending love story of fate, 'Tears of Heaven' is set in 1967 and surrounds the relationship between a Korean soldier and the female lead Lyn during the Vietnam War. 

Ever since the beginning, Kim Junsu's box office power and the wild spread of the main character's kiss scene on the internet has been attracting a lot of attention to the musical. Due to this surge of popularity, MUCHA has released a limited edition 'Jun Garnet Necklace', designed after Junsu's character Jun in the musical as the main theme.

 From the Napoleon Era, soldiers who have dedicated their lives to warfare have made the garnet as a symbol of protection and power, as well as a decoration for the courageous Sagittarius sign. This represents Jun's expectations and hope for an eternal love with his lover.

As the designer for the limited edition collection, MUCHA's CEO Kim Jeong Ju expressed, "Aside from the 'Jun Garnet Necklace', there will also be mirrors, bags, key chains, and bracelets released in the Jun collection. These items all include the garnet and Sagittarius signs, and were created in the hopes that fans of the musical will also achieve the eternal feelings of love.

The musical 'Tears of Heaven' will start on February 1 until March 19 at the National Theater. In addition, the special edition garnet necklaces are limited to 1000 pieces and will be sold to fans at the venue.

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